Behavior Change Technology with a Clinical Foundation

Body Knowledge has developed proprietary technology to assist our clients in changing behaviors… for good. The technology is designed to assist & encourage healthy action in every stage of change from pre-contemplation to maintenance. Our philosophy focuses on body composition as opposed to traditional weight/BMI. By focusing on water, muscle and fat, our participants view their bodies in a more realistic, healthy way than just a single number on a scale which is the first step toward changing it for the better. From there, participants can educate themselves in our resource center, receive daily or weekly health nudges and even connect with a health coach.

Human driven philosophy. Clinically driven technology

InBody570 Technology

Body Knowledge leverages trusted InBody570 technology for the easiest, fastest and most reliable measurements in the industry. InBody has been validated, multiple times, at a 98% correlation against the gold standard DEXA scan as well as underwater weighing. 
InBody’s proprietary method of analyzing the body allows for a measurement that doesn’t rely on empirical data (age, gender, activity, ethnicity, etc). Instead, it directly measures each segment of the body (each arm, each leg, trunk) which is the only way to get a true measurement free of estimation. Why estimate when we can measure? 

“We’re NASA, so we want to do everything we can to offer our workforce the best of the best, and at the time the InBody was – and still is – the best of the best.”

Evan Thoman

Employee Wellness and Fitness Services Manager | NASA Johnson Space Center