On-site Employee Fitness Center

On-Site Body Composition Program

  • We will bring our team and InBody570 straight into your facility to provide a seamless addition to any challenge, program or promotion that the facility is running.
  • Data/analytics upon completion included
  • Customizable marketing materials
  • On-site staff to explain the results, handle any questions and let you take care of your members


  • Body composition challenges
  • Fat loss, muscle gain, fat loss + muscle gain & maintain don’t gain are our most popular challenges
  • Data/analytics for marketing future challenges
  • Individual winners reported and provided by Body Knowledge
  • Third party measurements allow for you to do what you do best, inspire your members and take care of them during the challenge, not worry about equipment and explaining results

Self-Service Body Composition Software

  • Custom software that eliminates a reported weight/BMI
  • No need for staffing as the software handles the heavy lifting
  • Immediately available results
  • Each result tracked independently giving you insight into each change of your body
  • Visual based results make the results more simple and easy to understand
  • Available 24/7/365 to all of your population
  • Same accuracy as InBody (98% to DEXA) with an easier implementation and on-going support