Employee Wellness

An Alternative to Traditional Biometrics

Engage Employees with a Non-Invasive, Impactful Analysis

Code word: Empower

On-Site Body Composition Screenings

  • Non-Invasive alternative to biometric screening requiring NO BLOOD
  • Looking beyond BMI and weight as a measure of health
  • Immediate full-page report on water, fat, muscle & more meaningful metrics to health
  • 45 second analysis
  • Actionable data
  • Trusted technology (NASA endorsed)
  • On-site staff will review results
  • Tracks progress over time
  • Data & analytics show aggregate progress over time
  • Flexible
  • Cost effective
  • Health coaching optional

Program Consultation & Planning

Need help kickstarting your wellness program? Our staff is accredited with the National Wellness Institute to plan, organize, implement and maintain healthy cultures in the workplace. Our specialty is in helping small/medium sized businesses get their healthy cultures started.